Students Working in Real Life Situations


S.W.I.R.L.S (Students Working In Real Life Situations), is a nonprofit organization for young women in local communities concerned about the lack of programs for the youth. Recognizing the youth development is constantly in motion, S.W.I.R.L.S, Sisters Working in Real Life Situations was founded in 2004 by parents and young women in the surrounding Boston area.

The S.W.I.R.L.S organization seeks to provide an enriching experience for young women ages 5-18 years of age. S.W.I.R.L.S offer nutrition and wellness training, college preparation, personal finance management and self-esteem development.

The colors of SWIRLS are Red and White which symbolizes energy and strength. All S.W.I.R.L.S members are to embrace these energies to help them grow as an individual. Red is the color of physical energy, passion, courage and power. The color White is the color of faith, purity, truth, peace, and humility. S.W.I.R.L.S members are encouraged to exercise these traits throughout their lives.


The SWIRLS program components are:

Leadership Development   Positive Image Workshops, Fund raising, Community Service, Group Events, Group Activities, Nutrition and Wellness, Education, Social Development and Peer Education/Group Discussions.