I am a girl.

I am an expression of beauty, joy and love.

I have the right, the power and the ability, to create a beautiful, joyful, and peaceful world for myself and others.

I have a body, but I am not my body.

I have a face, but I am not my face.

I am the most important thing in the world to me.

I am love in motion.

I am the light of the world!

I can create!

I can make a mistake!

I can create something beautiful in all that I do.

I deserve the best.

 I give my best.

I do my best to always take care of me!

I am a girl!

I am growing into a woman!

******* I AM IT!   *******

I am the joy the world is waiting for!

Note: This pledge have been adopted from Iyanla Vanzant’s book ‘ Don’t Give it Away!’