Located on the [side] of Boston, SWIRLS Boston is a community agency providing a stimulating environment for youth, allowing them to explore and grow. Our after school and summer programs offer a wide variety of learning outlets, while the volunteers and staff provide encouragement and guidance.

Born on the beautiful island of Honduras, Irina Martinez has over 6 years of coaching experience. With a passion for sports and fitness in youth development, Irina focuses her time and energy on pioneering, and designing new educational challenges for our youth. As a resident of our Boston community, Irina  worked as The Program Coordinator / Double Dutch Coach for Y.W.I.R.L.S (Young Women in Real Life Situations) girls program in her first years as a coach. Later, she became the DD Coach for S.W.I.R.L.S Organization to continue her passion working with the youth.

Born in Port of Spain Trinidad, located in out beautiful Caribbean Island, Hazel Thornton is the Founder of S.W.I.R.L.S. Currently a Boston resident, Hazel created an opportunity for young women by giving them the opportunity to future leaders.  She is a devoted coach, and a loving parent to three children.


Our junior coaches, are previous jumpers who volunteer there time to help assist the coaches during practice. As a team, they stress the importance of exercising, swinging drills, teamwork, and other key components of Double Dutch to have a successful team. Many of our Jr. Coaches have competed in States and Worlds multiple times and are able to share their experience as a competitor. With their help, we are able to challenge our jumpers to become better athletes, and continue to encourage each other and grow as a family.

If jumpers are interested in becoming a junior coach they must show their commitment, and speak with coaches.

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Junior Coaches

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